Spare parts

Spare Parts

Casagrande Spare Parts Department is at your side to guarantee the supply of original and reliable spare parts throughout the life of your Casagrande equipment.
The team manages a dedicated warehouse ready to satisfy in the shortest possible time the need for spare parts all over the world thanks to the most advanced Management and Logistics technologies: specialized personnel, robotized warehouse, computerized management, automatic notifications, production line dedicated to the preparation of packaging , daily collection point for the major national and international couriers, logistics structure dedicated to emergency management.
You can contact Casagrande Spare Parts Department for any need through the contact you find below, we will be happy to offer you the best conditions for your original spare parts.

In case you might need our support for spare parts, do not hesitate to contact us. Please fill out the page form, we will be pleased to assist you in any possible way.Do you want to talk with us?
Phone +39 0434 9941
Fax +39 0434 997009
spare@voyager.casagrandegroup.comDiscover our New Service Boxes

The Service Boxes Boxes contain the most common and most used items for the maintenance of Casagrande equipment in the best conditions and for any first aid.

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